Bernie Sanders announced this morning that he will be running for President of the United States in 2020. By putting in his bid, he has confirmed that he will be running alongside an already crowded field of political heavyweights, like Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren.

Bernie is running on a platform that will be familiar to his supporters, because they have remained relatively unchanged since 2016. He is calling for, amongst other things; universal government-provided healthcare, a $15 national minimum wage and free college education.

Though this may have been radical in the US in 2016, it is becoming more and more accepted by Americans. And, to Canadians, it seems like common sense, because much of this is already in place here.

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TL;DR Bernie Sanders is running for President and he wants to make the US more like Canada. He has stated his love for Canada in the past, and many supporters and critics alike are noting the difference between his politics and Canada's.

Especially salient in his platform is his call for free universal healthcare, which is considered a basic human right in Canada.

During a tour of Canadian hospitals in 2017, Sanders stopped to praise the Canadian health care system, noting that it covers all Canadians at half the cost of what the U.S. spends on health care.

But Bernie has been urging the U.S. to be more like Canada for a long time.

The senator, who lives in Burlington, Vermont, just south of the Canadian border, is pretty proud of the country to the north.

He also criticized Trump's policies regarding Canada.

In short, the senator loves Canada.

Supporters are rejecting the "socialist" label that is attached to Bernie:

Bernie fans are already thinking about what their next move will be if he doesn't win.

Others are calling on Bernie to move to Canada instead. Joke's on you sir: we'd love to have him.

With an already crowded field of candidates, and a President, who, despite being unpopular, still has a loyal supporter base, Bernie and the other democratic candidates will face a difficult battle to the presidency. The last time a President did not serve out two terms was when George H.W. Bush failed to be re-elected, losing to Bill Clinton in 1992.

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