Can you really say that you're from Montreal if you've never ridden a Bixi bike? The answer is no. No, you can't. Countless Montrealers use them to get around the city. Tons even use them to get to and from work. They're definitely more reliable than our public transportation system so why not?

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As soon as Spring and Summer roll around, Montrealers opt out of filling up their Opus cards and get themselves a Bixi pass instead. There are tons of reasons why Bixi is amazing and why you should be using them right now!

For one thing, biking is more ecological than driving around. And on top of that, you can put in your faily exercise by commuting via bike. So, you're helping the planet and your own health at the same time.

Also, they're just awesome! Even for those who already prefer biking over driving, they're much more convenient than owning your own bike. You never have to worry about someone stealing them. You don't have to bike them back if you're going somewhere on a one way trip. And they're freaking everywhere!

You just wait! As soon as the sun starts coming out you're going to see Bixis all over the place! They've been running since 2009 and have over 6,000 bikes.

Every year, Bixi rolls out some new deals to get everyone excited for the Bixi season (I mean Summer). Well, this year Manulife will be offering free Bixi Sundays. They will take place on the last Sunday of every month from May to October.

That means for 7 months straight you can ride Bixi for free once a month. You should start planning your excursions now. Trust me, if you take the time to do some quality Googling, you can plan out full days spent in the sun. And you won't have to pay a penny to get around.

So if you don't want to dish out the 3$ that it takes to ride a Bixi, you can just wait around for the last Sunday and explore Montreal by bike completely free!

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They've even got an interactive map that will show you where all the stations are and if there are any bikes there! You'll never have to waste a second of your time looking. They've done the work for you.

And as you can see, these bikes are freaking everywhere! You'll never have to walk more than a couple of blocks to get to a station. So if ever you get tired along a ride, you can just park your bike and stop.

Via Bixi

Check out the map here!


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