The weather is warming up and it's finally starting to look like summer out there. And another sure sign that summer is nearly here is the long awaited return of the BIXI bikes.

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BIXI will be back on the streets of Montreal this Saturday (April 15), and this year they have some new promotions for you to enjoy, including a new 90‐day BIXI membership for only $55, a new 10 pack format and even special discounts on car2go and Téo Taxi. 

But the big announcement is the return of FREE BIXI Sundays!

Montrealers will be able to rent BIXI bikes for free on the following Sundays:

  • May 28 
  • June 25 
  • July 30
  • August 27
  • September 24 
  • October 29

Click here for more info

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