Tim Horton's "Roll Up The Rim To Win" contest has people all over the country going crazy. There's nothing we like more than winning, even if the prize is just a coffee. 

We've combed through the whole of the Tim Horton's rules before, just to find out what our odds are winning are. And we've just discovered that another loophole that helped people win free stuff last year.

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TL;DR If you have a blank cup, you're entitled to another cup for free! It's written right into the rules.

People last year found tons of misprinted cups. Many of these cups, as opposed to having text printed in the rim of the cup, are blank.

This year, too, it seems misprinted cups are in circulation. There has been at least one report of a blank cup. Instagram user @ercan647 sent this video to MTLBlog:

Tim Hortons apologised for the mistake last year. They said chances of winning were not affected, and that blank cups should have had "please try again" printed on them.

Tim Hortons had offered a free refill in a new cup to all customers who found a blank cup.

@timhortonsembedded via  

This year, this is written into the terms and conditions. If you find a blank cup you are entitled to a new cup for free at a Tim Hortons location. It does not mention that you'll get more coffee however, so that free refill may unfortunately be out of the question.

The exact language of the Roll Up The Rim 2019 Rules is this: "liability for irregular, illegible or blank RIM TABS is limited to replacement with another Cup, while supplies last."

The Rules actually distinguish between "Cups" and beverages: customers "may receive one specially marked Tim Hortons 10, 15, 20, or 24 oz hot drink take-out contest cup (each, a “Cup”) with the purchase of any corresponding small (10 oz), medium (15 oz), large (20 oz), or extra-large (24 oz) hot beverage (excluding espresso shots), while supplies last."

Good luck, Canada!

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