Yesterday it was announced that Canada would be be banning all Boeing 737 Max Jets from taking off, landing in, or even flying over the country. The decision has caused quite a bit of chaos for Canadian airlines that frequently used the plane models. 

As of now, there have been pretty significant disruptions amongst the domestic airlines, who are now scrambling to rebook passengers who were scheduled on the now-cancelled flights. The nightmare definitely isn't over yet, as Air Canada continues to issue delays and cancellations after grounding the 24 Max 8 aircrafts on their fleet. 

Needless to say, passengers across the country have gone into a frenzy.

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TL;DR With Air Canada delaying and cancelling flights after grounding all Boeing 737 planes, customers have spoken out publicly with their concerns and frustrations. Details on the current issues being faced by both the airline and its customers are below.

A spokesperson for Air Canada has announced that the airline was looking at putting their passengers on other airlines to avoid any severe delays. Widebody aircrafts were rescheduled to serve Hawaii, with other flights operating on Air Canada Rouge schedule.

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Flights that are cancelled as of now include routes such as Halifax to London and St. John's to London. According to the CBC, passengers are being rerouted through Montreal and Toronto, which has undeniably caused a world of chaos.

To put things into perspective, the Boeing 737 Max planes carried on average around 10,000 customers per day. So, delays in rebooking flights or even reaching Air Canada call centres are staggering right now.

Angry and confused customers weren't shy about taking their frustrations over the issues to Twitter:

Some customers are even demanding reimbursement for being flown in the Boeing 737 Max:

As if it weren't obvious, customers have had enough with the Air Canada delays and uncertainty on their flights.

As of now, the challenge for airlines such as Air Canada is finding planes that can replace their lost fleet. It is extremely difficult to bring in planes from outside of the country, with aviation experts going as far as saying it's not as simple as retrieving an aircraft on reserve. Reassigning planes involes replanning months of scheduled flights. This is a tremendous amount of labour.

To be fair, Air Canada is faced with an impossible, unprecedented situation and its employees are doing their best to manage it. The 737 Max 8 ban is not the fault of Air Canada and customers are wrong to suggest that. We wish Air Canada luck. 

Needless to say, if you were planning on flying with any Canadian airline over the next few weeks, expect delays, cancellations, and frustration. But please be patient with employees who are trying their best.

Stay tuned for more information on airline changes over the upcoming weeks.


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