• The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has issued a recall on popular chicken nuggets sold in grocery stores.
  • The recall has been issued for Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick and could possibly impact national distribution.
  • The recall was issued due to the possibly presence of bone fragments in the product.

Adult or child, chicken nuggets are the bomb and if you disagree... well, I guess then this article doesn't pertain to you because I'm just out here trying to look out for my fellow nugget lovers.

And I need to look out, because we've officially got a nugget recall on our hands.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has recalled a popular Quebec brand of chicken nuggets due to the presence of bone fragments.


This is the kind of elementary school scare-tactics kids used to use to scare you away from eating things like chicken nuggets and hotdogs. And now here we are, actually worrying about friggen pieces of bone in our nugs.


The initial recall was actually issued last week and has since been updated because the CFIA was able to provide more information about the products in question.

Check out the details below to make sure your next nugget experience isn't a complete disaster.

If you live in Quebec, then you know St-Hubert, shining beacon of delicious chicken dinners across the province. And if you've been in a grocery store in Quebec, you know that it's super easy to find St-Hubert products in the grocery store that you can take home to make for yourself.

Unfortunately, it's St-Hubert chicken nuggets that are currently being recalled.

Luckily, this has nothing to do with their in-store products, but instead only impacts some of their grocery store take-home chicken nuggets.

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The nuggets in question are seen below, the St-Hubert Chicken Breast Nuggets in fun animals shapes, great for kids and kids-at-heart.

Here are the specifics of the products that are currently being recalled.

Brand Name: St-Hubert

Common Name: Chicken Breast Nuggets

Size: 680 g

UPC: 0 66701 00504 1

B29084 12 39J
B29084 13 39J
B29084 14 39J
B29084 15 39J
B29084 24 39J

Again, the recall is in place due to the presence of "extraneous material," namely the potential presence of bone fragments in the food.

The recall is present across Quebec as well as Ontario and New Brunswick, thought the CFIA notes it could impact distribution nationally.

No one has yet come forward with illness or injury due to this product but the CFIA is still warning Canadians to not consume the product.

If you do have this product in your home, discard of it or return it to the point of purchase.

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