There's another school shooting happening in the US, right now. 

Central Michigan University is advising students to take cover and stay away from Campbell residence hall. 

The gunman has not been arrested yet, and the story is developing.

So far, 2 people have been shot and killed. Police, helicopters and tactical teams have been dispatched to the Central Michigan University. 

You can follow this story, live, as it develops right here. 

The shooter has been identified as James Eric Davis, Jr. 

Lt. Larry Klaus has said that Davis Jr. was taken to the McClaren Central Michigan hospital Thursday night with a drug-related injury(possible overdose) and would not comment further on this report.

It was mentioned earlier that a patient left the hospital after 8 AM this morning, shots were fired after 9 AM. 

New reports are coming out that the two people shot and killed were not students of the university. They were the parents of the gunman. 

What is now being called a "domestic dispute" started inside a 4th-floor dorm room at Central Michigan University when the shooter's parents arrived at his room to pick him up for spring break. 

We will continue to update this story as more information comes out. 

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