A new video has surfaced on Facebook showcasing a Montreal native 17 year old girl in utter despair filming her father get aggressively arrested for what is being described for "parking in the wrong spot" on corner of Peel and Maisonneuve.

Here is what is known so far.

He parked momentarily in a no parking spot with his flashers on at Peel and de Maisonneuve so his daughter could get something from from a friend waiting there - Daughter is 17 years old - what an impression of the police who are there to protect her. There was a bang on his window - he let it down - the police pushed his head and shoulder in the car "get out of here" - as the driver pushed his flashers off to leave - The man pushed his car door open to get out - The cop kept saying "What are you going to do - do something". This is the video that his 17 year old daughter took from the front of the car and outside the car when the abuse happened. There is seriously something wrong here. - Sharman Yarnell

Since we can't embed the video, click here to view it.

What do you think Montreal? Is this too much? Let us know in the comments below.

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