It's official, Buonanotte night club - an institution of lower St-Laurent is officially closing it's doors. 

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When a business closes this rapidly there is inevitably going to be a mess to clean up afterwards. The aftermath of the closing seems to be hitting the employees of this long-time establishment the hardest. 

According to an anonymous source the staff was not advised of the closing or given any kind of warning. In other words, like a bad breakup, they we're completely blindsided. 

Here are some screen caps showing an exchange between employees. Giving you an idea of how confused they are. 

Via Courtsey

Via Courtesy

Via Courtesy

According to our sources, one of the managers told an employee that the rent was too high for them at the moment, they would have tried to negotiate the price but with the cleaning they did in the restaurant, it is doubtful that they will remain on St-Laurent where rents are notoriously high.

So - it looks like this is more than official. RIP Buonanotte, it was fun while it lasted. 

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