The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has issued a national Food Recall Warning today due to salmonella found in Jane's Pub Style Chicken Nuggets.

This is the third recall of its kind in 2019, according to CJAD 800 AM new radio.

Details on the specific bags affected below. 

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TL;DR Following a recall just three weeks ago, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency is yet again recalling frozen raw breaded chicken products. This time they are specifically recalling Jane's Pub Style Chicken Nuggets, Best Before 2019 DEC 15. More details below.

The production company Sofina Inc. is asking consumers across Canada to be aware of frozen breaded chicken, specifically Jane's Pub Style Chicken Nuggets.

Of the Jane's Pub Style Chicken Nuggets, the recall is targeting 800-gram bags that are marked with a Best Before date of December 15th (2019 DE 15), CJAD notes.

The recall has been classified as a Class 1 Hazard, meaning that consumers are at a High Risk, according to the Inspection Agency

Via Jane's Food

When visiting Jane's website, consumers will notice the above pop-up arises on the Pub Style Chicken Nuggets page.

When a food has been recalled, the CFIA explains that it is "the responsibility of industry to remove it from the marketplace immediately."


The CFIA also notes on their site that you should seek medical attention if you believe you have consumed a recalled product.

Salmonella can be difficult to see or smell and can contaminate contact surfaces, according to the CFIA. They also explain that "symptoms of infection can include fever, headache, vomiting, nausea, abdominal cramps and diarrhea."

This recall was triggered by "findings from an investigation into a foodborne illness outbreak."

As previously mentioned, the CFIA has recalled frozen raw breaded chicken products several times since 2017. To see all associated recalls, head to the Inspection Agency's page here.

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