In case you didn't know, the dead sea is one of the coolest natural places in the world. What makes it so different from other bodies of water is its extreme concentration of salt. This makes it super easy to float in!

Its mud is also super rich in minerals so it's used for cosmetic treatments and therapeutic reasons.

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Lucky for us Canadians, we don't have to go all the way to Israel to enjoy this unique kind of lake. Out of three locations on the entire planet, one of them is in Canada! 

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In Saskatchewan, about 116 km southeast of Saskatoon, you'll find Little Manitou Lake. Its mineral density is three times denser than the ocean so, like the dead sea, it's the perfect place to float.

Check out Bucketlist Canada's video that shows just how awesome this little lake is:

There's more to the town of Watrous than this lake. It's a perfect little tourist spot and great for a family vacation. They have tons of great places to eat and awesome little spas as well. 



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