The cold winter temperatures continue to grip most of Canada, but according to The Weather Network, warmer weather is right around the corner! 

March has been particularly cold; in fact the temperatures are colder than they would be in January. So it's pretty commendable that we've been able to put up with it this late in the season. 

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But it’s not all bad news, because a big pattern change is headed our way.

Over the next few days the weather is going to get milder across Canada. And beginning on March 13th, Canada will be hit with a very warm 5 day period.

It's going to be like a mini winter heatwave. 

The map below shows how hot it's going to be between March 13th and March 18th. 

Via theweathernetwork

You’d better take advantage of the warmth while you can because it might not last very long.

The first few days of spring are expected to be pretty cold. Not as cold as it is right now but still colder than it normally would be in the spring.

For more details on the weather pattern change click here.

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