The World Health Organization is seeing that the number of measles cases in Canada is rapidly rising. They believe that there's cause for concern. The current measles outbreak in Europe is even being called a tragedy. 

Even though the vaccine has been available for more than 40 years, somehow the disease has not yet been fully eradicated. We've seen a four-fold increase of cases since 2016. The doctors from the organization are stressing just how unfortunate the situation is given the fact that it is totally preventable. 

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Though our 45 instances of measles don't compare to Europe's over 21,000, the potential for brain swelling, blindness, and even death are reason enough to be a little more than worried. 

Dr. Isaac Bogoch says that the main reasons why this is happening are due to immigration. Often, children who have immigrated were not vaccinated earlier in life. Unfortunately, the anti-vaccination movement has also gained power and fueled a lot of skepticism in preventative care. 


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