It's the kind of thing we've seen in movies and TV shows but were never quite sure if it actually existed for real.

You may remember an old episode of Seinfeld where George starts dating an inmate. And of course we've all heard the stories about how famous serial killers received marriage proposals in the mail. 

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But how did these people actually get in contact with the inmates? Is there some sort of "Tinder for convicted fellons"? 

Well it turns out there is!

It's called Canadian Inmates Connect Inc., and it's a website dedicated to Federal and Provincial inmates in search of pen pals. 

After all, while some inmates have friends and family on the outside, others don't have anyone at all. And studies have even shown that inmates who maintain communication with society through pen pals are less likely to re-offend. 

Here are two profiles actually featured on the website now. 

Via canadianinmatesconnect

Via canadianinmatesconnect

As you can see, the website has both men and women. Each convict profile has a description paragraph written by the inmate themselves as well as a mini-bio that tells you who they are, where they are serving time, what crime they were convicted of, and of course, their release date.   

Click here to check out Canadian Inmates Connect's website

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