Canada Post revealed last week, to everyone's disapproval, that they would not be offering their holiday delivery guarantee this year due to the rotating strikes in the country. At this point, what could get worse than this?

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TL;DR Canada Post is delaying the delivery of passports across the country, leaving Canadians anxious over recievng in time for their travel dates. Below is a compilation of tweets discussing the issue.

Well, if you were hoping to escape the brutal winter in Canada this winter and travel to a warm and sunny oasis, you'll have to do it through your vivid imagination.

Why? Because you're seriously going to be trapped in the country this entire winter now that Canada Post is delaying all deliveries of passports.

For anyone who was expecting their passport to be delivered within the next couple of weeks, they'll be experiencing major delivery disruptions and even bigger delays. Needless to say, you'll probably want to reschedule your vacation if you still can.

In a last-ditch effort to express their frustration and concern over the issue, Canadians are taking to Twitter to bring more awareness to the fact that Canada Post has left them trapped inside the country:

Canada Post did tweet out a warning to customers earlier in the month, but for some it was already too late...

Overall, Canadians are totally fed up with the ongoing strike and excruciating delays.

As of now, all delays are continuing well into the New Year. If you're looking to receive your passport on time, you'll want to go in person to have it renewed. Otherwise, you're looking at cancelling any holiday travelling you had planned.

Stay tuned for more information on the effects of the Canada Post strike.


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