Speaking as a gay man, Montreal is pretty much the mecca for all-things queer in Canada. Montreal's LGBTQ+ scene is just a little more alive (and far more unique) than other cities, so it only makes sense that Montreal is going to play host to the nation's first-ever "Canada Pride."

To coincide with Montreal's 375th birthday celebrations, the LGBTQ+ festival that's going to take over the city in summer 2017 will last a full ten days.

Concerts, sporting events, conferences on LGBTQ+ rights, and a gigantic Pride Parade are already on the festival's set-list, reports the Montreal Gazette. More is definitely to come.

Montreal will only host Canada Pride for its inaugural year. A new city will be chosen to host the festival four years later, when Canada Pride is held again.

Colour us rainbow for already-excited, mostly because we simply know Justin Trudeau is going to be in the parade.

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