People often take the province of Quebec and the city of Montreal and compare our lifestyle and culture to that of Europe.

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Sure, we love our coffee, wine, and leisure time - but who doesn't?

Looking deeper at some very high-level government policies that directly impact our lifestyle and leisure time, it becomes abundantly clear that we are maybe not as "European" as we once thought.

A brand-new study on paid time off which tracks and compares time off in advanced economies revealed that, with only 10-days/year, Canada ranks at the very bottom when it comes to mandatory paid time off.

The silver lining: We rank above the U.S.  Our Americans neighbours get zilch - zero guaranteed vacation time. Ouch.

Compared to our European neighbours across the pond, we definitely get the short end of the stick, though.

A few examples, France mandates 30 days of paid annual leave, United Kingdom, 28, Denmark, Finland, Norway & Sweden, 25, and finally in Germany, 24-days.

The only developing economy that is on par with Canada is Japan which provides workers with 10 days of vacation, and where people are also known to literally work themselves to death. They even have a word for it "Karōshi" which means to work yourself to death.

We turned to Reddit to see what some fellow Canadians had to say about this, in general, hardworking Canadians are pretty appalled by all this.

Via reddit

Even Europeans moving here are upset by the new lifestyle adjustments

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Some are so fed up they're considering leaving Canada altogether

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Some people are staying positive: We don't have it as bad as the U.S!

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All this calls into question how advanced economies approach work, and if the traditional 40-hour/week model we've been employing for 100-years is outdated.

After all, we are no longer living in an industrial era dominated by factory work where net productivity was the only metric for success. So why does our current framework still reflect that?

How do we begin to go about changing these models which have become so deeply entrenched in our culture and society?

Big questions that can only be answered with time.


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