Good news for anyone slowly realizing they can never afford to have (or simply don’t want to have) kids: you shouldn’t be having them anyway! 

At least not in Canada, one of the worst places in the world to have children, a new international ranking reveals. 

Carried out by Expert Market, a business solutions company based in the U.K., the study analyzed and compared 37 different countries on work-life balance.  

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By assessing how much citizens of a country worked versus how much time they could spend at home with kids, with important information like the amount of paid maternity/paternity leave, an individual “parenting” score was created. 

More specifically four metrics were used when assessing a country’s work-life balance: the average number of hours worked by parents in a year, paid vacation days, the amount of paid maternity leave, and paid paternity leave. 

When the dust settled, Canada came at number 34 for parenting. So, according to this list, Canada is the 4th worst place to have kids and be a parent. 

Plunging Canada to the bottom of the parenting-ranks is our country’s lack of paid holiday time. In Canada, we only get 10 days of paid holiday, whereas countries in the EU get double the time, 20 days. 

Mothers also have it pretty rough in Canada, a spokesperson for the study told Global News

Women tend to be overstretched, playing the role of employee and then parent afterwards, more so than men. It was also shown that women were more likely to exit the workforce to have kids. 

Somewhat archaically, 61% of Canadians apparently believe that women aren’t able to work the same amount as men due to the high cost of daycare services.

Admittedly, this could be because putting your kid into daycare is incredibly expensive here in Canada and not because Canadians are sticking to old-school gender roles. 

If there’s some semblance of a silver lining to this rather depressing news (depressing to prospective and current parents, at least) it’s that our neighbour to the south is much worse to parents. 

The United States was ranked as the worst place to have kids in the world, with the nation’s complete lack of paid maternity/paternity leave being the primary reason. 

Want to see which countries were named the best and worst places to have kids? Head to the original study or check out the top-five for both below. 

Best Countries To Have Kids

  1. Finland
  2. Estonia
  3. Austria
  4. France
  5. Germany

Worst Countries To Have Kids

  1. United States
  2. Mexico
  3. Costa Rica
  4. Canada
  5. Chile
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