Unlike our neighbours to the South, us Canadians tend to be pretty welcoming to everyone. Along with the free healthcare, decent minimum wage in most provinces, and overal friendliness of Canadians, where can you go wrong?

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One thing Canadians should be proud of is our LGBTQ pride here in the North. From the fantastic pride parades and pride months most cities hold each year, Montreal's being the best of course. To providing the same healthcare and job opportunities to everyone without being discriminatory, Canada can be considered a safe place to be for anyone in the LGBTQ community.

This is why in a new study from Silver Swan Recruitment (SSR), Canada was ranked one of the best countries in the world for LGBTQ workers. 

The study took into consideration LGBTQ employment laws, minimum wage, unemployment rate, and overall gay friendliness to name a few. Each country was given a score out of 0-3, with 3 being the highest. The top 30 scoring countries were then awarded a spot on the LGBT Worldwide Workplace Index.

Via Silver Swan Recruitment

Making it to the top 20, Canada was ranked #18 on the list, after Ireland and before Israel. Definitely something for all Canadians to feel proud about!

With an an award as huge as this and the equality Canada has always strived to have, it's not surprising many of our LGBTQ friends feel safe to be a Canadian or to live in here in the great big North.

To take a look at the full Silver Swan Recruitment report, click HERE.

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