The long weekend is about it begin and that means many of us are planning for parties and end of the summer BBQ's with friends and family. Food is always the central part of any celebration, so there's going to be a lot of it during your holiday. 

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But, before you toss your worries away for the next few days and indulge in every food you could think of, you may want to watch out for any recalls before heading to the grocery store. How scary is it that you could unkowingly be buying, and eventually eat, an item that is on a nation-wide recall?

Well, hopefully you haven't yet because this is the official warning for the listeria outbreak in chicken products across Canada.

Pinty's Delicious Foods Inc. is recalling their Italian style chicken schnitzel for containing listeria. The recall was first triggered by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency test results on the product. 

On the bright side, since the CFIA has tested all products at risk for listeria, we can be sure there won't be anymore recalls on new chicken-based products. They're also working with the food company now to remove all effected products from stores.

If you've already purchased this product the best thing to do is either throw it out or return it to the store to recieve a full refund. If you think you've already consumed the chicken product, seek medical care as soon as possible.

Food that's contaminated with listeria gives no indicators or warnings, so it's easy to unknowingly eat a product thats infected. Thankfully the CFIA caught the issue early on, so it's less likely people will become ill from consuming the chicken.

Hopefully this doesn't put too big of a damper on your weekend. There are many other products out there that won't cause harm with life-threatening listeria!

To stay updated on Canada-wide recalls and the dangerous chicken schnitzel, click HERE.

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