Canada is known for two things in the summer months: festival culture and natural beauty.

Canadian cities come alive as visitors and residents alike fill the streets to take advantage of the warm weather and citywide spectacles. In the national parks, nature pops with colour and animals rustle in the waves of lakes and underbrush of forests.

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Canadians are proud of both aspects of their culture. But what happens when wildlife and festival mix?

That's what happened today in Ottawa, where a small bird decided to lay her eggs at the very center of Bluesfest grounds.

As a result, one of the largest and most celebrated summer festivals has come to a halt until the family moves on from its unexpectedly disruptive home.

At the center of a large patio and surrounded by cameras, the bird, known as a killdeer, is surely loving all the celebrity attention. Maybe that was part of her plan. The fanfare is certainly cute.

Via Ottawa Citizen

Via Ottawa Citizen

Via Ottawa Citizen

Just basking in the attention, as we all would.

Bluesfest is set to begin on July 5th, but killdeer eggs take up to 28 days to hatch. It will be even longer before the fledglings fly off. There's no word yet about when the festival will resume.

Stay tuned.



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