After over a decade of no changes whatsoever, Canada's Food Guide has been completely revamped and announced to the public this morning. The modern take on healthy eating was announced in Montreal by the country's Health Minister Ginette Petipas Taylor.

The new guide will continuously update as more information on healthy eating is discovered, which is basically entirely different than what was considered "healthy" in older versions of the guide.

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TL;DR Canada's Food Guide was revealed this morning, with complete updates when it comes to information on consuming meat and dairy products. The new guide pushes for more plant-based diets and veggie protein options for the country. More details below.

The new food guide will have a major focus on plant-based foods, especially sources of proteins other than meat and dairy. The information on the brand new guide is not only from scientists and health experts, but also from comments made by Canadians. 

In reality, it defintiely looks like the Government of Canada is asking for a country with a mostly veggie-based diet. 

A document released by Health Canada revealed that most Canadians don't consume enough vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Many Canadians do drink exceedingly large amounts of sugary beverages, which is another reason why the new guide is attempting to shift towards healthier recommendations.

Other changes besides a shift toward a veggie-based diet include a suggestion that Canadians eat more home-cooked meals, stop drinking chocolate milk, and throw away foods that are higher in sodium. 

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In fact, the brand new Canadian food guide has completely eliminated the "milk and alternatives" food group in an attempt to put less emphasis on dairy products in a diet. Instead of meat and dairy, the Canadian government is recommending different sources of protein and fibre such as pasta, lentils, beans, and rice.

There's no doubt that the new guide is going to completely look like a push for more plant-based diets in country. So, what do you think? Can Canada actually be nearing a total vegan future, or is the brand new food guide a total failure?

Stay tuned for more information on Canada's new food guide.

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