For some, everyday is Canadian National Beer Day, but the wonderful people over at Beer Canada just made it official! The fact that there's been a national holiday for maple syrup and poutine but not for Canadian beer is astounding, don't you think?

On October 9th, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, give thanks to Canada's favourite beverage (after Tim Hortons coffee) and celebrate beer! 

The inaugural Canadian Beer Day will be a coast-to-coast celebration of the sudsy beverage. Beer Day will allow "brewers, farmers, the hospitality industry, and beer lovers an opportunity to come together and recognize the historical, cultural and economic impact beer has had on our great country."

The official launch party will be at the Great Western Brewing Company in Saskatoon. If you don't live around Saskatoon, there's guaranteed to be an awesome Canadian Beer Day event near you! 

According to the official press release, there are over 1,000 independent breweries operating across the country. In Quebec, there are well over 100 breweries and most are world-renowned.

Canadian beer rivals that of the Europeans in terms of taste and quality and it's likely that you'll hear a local brewery mentioned alongside the best in the world. In fact, Canadian beers consistently rank high in the World Beer Awards.

Canada is synonymous with beer, whether you like it or not. "Canadian beer is woven into our national fabric," said Beer Canada Chair George Croft in Beer Canada's official press release.

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George Croft also mentions that "the beer economy supports 149,000 Canadian jobs and provides 13.6 billion dollars annually to our national GDP. We think that's something worth celebrating." 

Where can you celebrate Canadian Beer Day? How about anywhere! Bars and pubs across the country will be full of people imbibing and celebrating our new holiday! If you're not keen on bars, pick up a case from your favourite local brewery and settle in for a wonderful night. 

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The first-ever Canadian Beer Day is happening on October 9th, 2019! 

Happy celebrations, Canada!

Please celebrate responsibly.


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