According to CTV News and Passport Canada, "Passport Services are experiencing a network outage affecting urgent and express services." As a result, Canadians in desperate need of passports are worrying they may not get their documents on time for planned vacations or trips out of the country.

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TL;DR Passport Canada's processing system for urgent and express applications has crashed. There is no information on how long these issues will persist. Concerned applicants should stay tuned to Passport Canada's website and social media pages.

While Passport Canada assures the public that the agency is working on the issue, there is no indication of when it may be resolved. The CTV News report explains that the service began experiencing problems as early as Monday of this week.

There is also no word on how many customers these issues are affecting.

This will not affect holders of currently valid Canadian passports. But applicants should stay tuned for updates. They may have to adjust their travel plans.

Concerned applications should contact Passport Canada here.

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Urgent and express passport applications usually concern emergency or pressing situations. Hopefully, not too many people are inconvenienced.

Stay tuned for updates.




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