• A historic Remembrance Day snowstorm is sweeping through Ontario and Quebec today, bringing their two major cities together.
  • Toronto has nearly shut down in preparation for the prospective 15cm of snow headed their way.
  • But here in Montreal, it seems a lot of people are more than a little excited about this first snowstorm - even if it means 20cm of snow in November.

Every once in awhile, something happens that brings Montrealers and Torontonians together, uniting us through shared experience... and I think today's Remembrance Day snowstorm could be one of those times.

I'm tempted to say the Raptors winning the NBA championships was one of those moments, as it managed to unite the entire country (and most of the States) with the joy and excitement of history being made.

And the forecast today has really brought Canada's two largest cities together, united in a huge Remembrance Day snowstorm that has us suffering and celebrating all together at once.

And you know what? History is being made today, as well.

Toronto is primed to see their biggest Remembrance Day snowfall since 1951, according to The Weather Network. So, I decided to check out when the last big Remembrance Day snowfall was in Montreal. 

Turns out, if we actually get even just 15cm of snow today (Environment Canada is calling for up to 20cm), we'll be breaking the snowfall record of 14.2cm that was set in 1898, according to data taken at both McGill University and Trudeau International Airport.

So, if today's storm ends up being as historic as it seems, it's no surprise that both Montrealers and Torontonians have banded together to share their thoughts about the storm on Twitter.

Though, the reactions are slightly varied. 

In Toronto, the commute was in full swing as the snow began and people were quickly worried about the city's mobility under Environment Canada's "Weather Advisory."

Meanwhile, in Montreal, people were already celebrating the Environment Canada "Snowfall Warning", even as snow was expected to reach 20cm.

Clearly, people were ready to get into the winter spirit and take on a full dump of snow, considering we've had some snow on the ground here and there since last week.

To be fair, this much snow in November is earlier than usual. Record-breakingly so, as I mentioned above.

So I get why some people are pissed.

But the secret is: you know it's coming. This is Canada. It comes every year. So, why not be a little excited about it?

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Like these people in Montreal, who were getting psyched about the snow before it had even started to fall.

Or who were ready to capture that beautiful moment that the flakes starting to fall, as soon as it starts.

This isn't to say there aren't Torontonians who weren't also super ready for that first snowfall. We're all Canadians after all, deep down there's childlike awe that exists in all of us.

It's just... stronger for some than others.

TRANSLATION: "Montreal is beautiful under the snow, despite the inconveniences. Sometimes I tell myself that we should embrace the winter rather than having this obsession to make it disappear. Winter public landscaping, ice sculptures, benefitting from winter sports, light therapy."

In Toronto today, though, the sentiment seemed to be "stay home."

This is likely because everyone is prepping for a really shitty drive, which isn't hard to produce in Toronto, considering how shit it is to drive on the Gardiner Expressway anyway, pretty much any time, day or night.

Prepping for shitty driving is actually a fantastic thing to do though because the more prepared you are to go 40km/hr on the highway, the less likely it will be that you try to do 100km/hr as if it's the middle of July.

Most people do not have their winter tires on yet (cause, hi, November 11), so driving as if you do or as if there isn't snow is pretty much the stupidest thing ever...

This is why people in both Montreal and Toronto are using this little snowstorm as an excuse to stay home and get cozy.

TRANSLATION: "Snowstorm insight, go spend the afternoon under the comforter in front of a little Christmas film and a hot chocolate."

Though going out for a walk in the snow isn't a bad idea, either, if it's not too cold or windy.

A bunch of people in Montreal took to Twitter to share how they appreciate and enjoy the first winter snowstorm.

TRANSLATION: "It's totally white outside. I won't be so sad if I make pancakes (my trick so that the arrival of snow has a happy side)"

TRANSLATION: "The snow is starting to stick."

I myself, have thrown on a little Tchaikovsky and I'm using the Nutcracker Ballet to sweep me into the holiday spirit

Also, catching snowflakes on your tongue will always get you in that childlike mode of wonder.

In the end, sure, Montrealers might be a little more emotionally prepared for the first snowstorm of the season, even if it is on Remembrance Day. 

But, Torontonians will always have each other's backs, even in the dire straits of a November snowstorm.

And no matter what city we're in, we're all Canadians anyway.

Snow is part of our collective spirit.

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