Today is the first official day of summer. Unfortunately the weather doesn’t seem to have gotten the memo just yet so we haven't really been enjoying any spectacularly warm conditions in Canada.

But things are about to change and while that may be good news for some parts of the country, others are in for a rough summer.

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According to the Weather Network, summer 2018 will have winners and losers, so it's time to find out where your province stands.

Via theweathernetwork

The hottest weather will be over Western Canada.

Quebec and Ontario will avoid the uncomfortable heat waves, but the weather is expected to be warmer than last year. They will also see the same amount of rainy days as last year though the storms might be a little heavier.

The East Coast will have much nicer and consistent weather in July and August and a higher level off humidity will make for warmer temperatures at night.

Wildfires are expected and they also affect the to affect the air quality, especially across British Columbia and into the Prairies The Great Lakes will see an early arrival of cold weather and maybe even an early Fall. The Eastern Prairies, will likely see Widespread drought conditions.

Click here for a more detailed forecast from The Weather Network.

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