It's that time of year again when Canadians have absolutely nothing to look forward to. The holidays are over, we're all back to work, and the brutal winter weather seems never ending. So, while we suffer through a weekend filled with extreme cold, we'll be dreaming of warm summer days and double-digit temperatures.

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TL;DR The Farmer's Almanac has revealed its official 2019 weather forecast for summer across Canada. Below are the average conditions and weather expected this year.

Despite us all feeling like this winter will last forever, The Farmer's Almanac has revealed its official 2019 summer forecast for Canada to give us a bit of strength to get through the next few months.

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Unfortunately, summer across Canada may not be as hot and sunny as we were all hoping. In fact, few places regions will experience a "normal" summer.

Atlantic Canada will see a slightly cooler and drier summer than normal. Temperatures will peak between mid-July and mid-August.

The region is also expected to experience tropical storms in late August. More updates to follow in the future.

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Summer in Ontario will be colder and wetter than normal, while Quebec's summer will be slightly drier than normal, with average temperatures for the season. 

Normal temperatures and low humidity in la belle province will certainly be a relief. The summer of 2018 produced record temperatures that killed dozens of people.

In the eastern part of the Prairies, summer will be drier than normal, with the west being rainier than average. 

British Columbia will see cooler temperatures and even drier weather. In 2018, dry conditions led to some of the most extensive and longest-burning wildfires in the history of North America. The frequency of fires in 2019 is impossible to predict, but the promise of dry weather is not encouraging.

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Now that we know what to expect for the warmer months of the year, we can get back to suffering through the Arctic temperatures and counting down the days before summer creeps into Canada.

Stay tuned for more updates on Canada's 2019 weather forecast. In the meantime, you can visit the Farmer's Almanac website HERE.


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