Canada's Wonderland already holds a few records.

The largest amusement park in Canada, it is also one of the most visited on the continent. 

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That's probably because of it's abundance of attractions and spectacles, like Wonder Mountain, the Blacklot Stunt Coaster, and a variety of themed zones.

Despite its already impressive collection, Canada's Wonderland continues to push the boundaries of amusement park entertainment.

Today's news is the most impressive yet. 

Wonderland has announced that it has begun construction a world record-shattering roller coaster.

The Yukon Strike, as the project is called, will be the world's fastest, tallest, and longest roller coaster of its kind in the world!

Perhaps the most thrilling (or terrifying, depending on your perspective) feature of the new attraction is the "90 degree drop into an underwater tunnel." The park website also promises speeds of up to 130 km/h!

Oh, and you'll also go upside down four times!

Roller coaster enthusiasts and thrill-seekers will have to wait until the completion of the project in 2019 to catch a ride on this unique design. But maybe that's good news. It will probably take a year of mental preparation before anyone is ready to brave this thing.

Take a look at this teaser video from Canada's Wonderland and begin planning your trip now! The coaster will probably attract huge international attention.



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