A Canadian judge has a hearing this week where he will be fighting to keep his job after several complaints were filed against him for his improper conduct.

In 2014, a man was accused of raping a 19 year old girl at a party. During the trial, the judge allegedly asked the victim why she couldn't just keep her legs together.

As if that wasn't fucked up enough, the incident happened over a sink, so the judge also asked the victim why she could just let herself slide to the bottom of the sink so she could not be penetrated.

Just typing that out made me cringe.

The accused rapist was acquitted, a ruling which has been overturned.

The Judge has since apologized and insists he'll be a better judge after having undergone special training with an expert of sexual assault.

The hearing will take place in September.

Personally, I think the judge's behavior speaks for itself. He literally proved that we shouldn't be able to trust his judgement, so then why should he be able to keep his job as a judge?

As reddit user i_think_therefore_i_ pointed out: Why couldn't he (the judge) just keep his lips together?

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