A Grade 9 student of St Thomas School is still dealing with the aftermath of an avalanche created by a bowl of poutine.

The chain of events that left her traumatized started with her ordering the insipid hangover cure from a restaurant near her school. According to her version of the story, when she went to pick up her order, another student tried to claim it. Apparently, during the altercation that followed, she was body shamed.

However, the matter did not end there. Her alleged shaming continued after she returned to the restaurant the next day, resulting in her four adult brothers taking action. 

As a result, the Grade 9 student was suspended for one week. 

Both the girl and the mother maintain that she had nothing to do with her brother's actions. In fact, the mother had informed the school of the first incident and they had launched an investigation. However, the brothers had complicated matters by deciding to act independently.

A witness claimed that the student's brothers had entered the restaurant not long after her and behaved in a manner that was intimidating.

In the end, the police paid a visit to the restaurant and the relevant parents were called to pick up their children.

Since then, the girl has been in conversation with the school authorities about the incident.

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