Older generations are quick to accuse today's teens of being sex-crazed and hyper-sexually active. The thing is, they are actually wrong. And as time goes on and as technology gets more and more advanced, they're becoming more and more wrong.

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Modern teens are actually much more prone to sexting than actually having sex. They don't grow out of it either. Sexting is even more popular with older teens than with younger ones. According to a study done by Jama Pediatrics, 1 in 7 are sending sexts, and 1 in 4 are receiving them. 

An issue that sexting brings up is the idea of sextortion. Teens feel very pressured to sext each other, and unsurprisingly, girls feel more harshly judged. Though both girls and boys participate equally, sexting tends to lead to higher levels of distress for young women. 

Good news is is that this is actually completely normal. Researchers suggest that sexting is actually a healthy aspect to teen sexual development. As long as everything is consensual, legal, and private, there isn't really anything to worry about. 


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