This story really gave me the willies because I see bats flying around my apartment building around sunset every night in the summer.

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I never thought they were all that dangerous. I love sitting on my balcony and watching them squeak and fly around.

This incident happened in a more rural area, and I live in a central location on the island of Montreal. Bats are ubiquitous, it seems.

That said, this week a woman living not far from Ottawa in Kawartha Lakes was bitten by a bat that entered her home while she was sleeping. 

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According to a source, the woman was sleeping and felt something on her hand, so she just brushed it away. She was then awoken when it actually bit her.

The woman was able to trap the bat before calling for medical help. The bat was actually sick so it wasn't flying around very much.

The bat later tested positive for rabies. 

Not all bats are rabid, however, health officials are warning residents in southern Ontario to be careful. Bats tend to attempt to enter homes in the early fall; they are trying to find a place to hibernate for winter. 

It's recommended to get your house pets vaccinated for rabies, as they are more likely than humans to get bit. 

As of now, the woman is recovering.


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