As you may know "Tick Season" is underway in Canada and many health organizations are trying to raise awareness about ticks and lyme disease.

In fact, in Canada the government is warning people that this year could be the worst tick season ever. That's because the tick population in Canada has grown 10 times over the past two decades!

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The American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had a interesting idea to help raise tick awareness. That's because most people either don't know what a tick looks like, or they are unaware of how small ticks can actually be.

In order to illustrate this fact, the CDC released this photo of what appears to be a  poppy seed muffin. But when you take a closer look you'll see that 5 of those seeds are actually ticks!

People freaked out so much the CDC actually had to apologize for the tweet.

Did you manage to find all 5?


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