This was an historic day in Canada-U.S. relations.

After months of negotiations, grandstanding, and threats, the two countries finally agreed to a trilateral deal with Mexico that will replace the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

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TL;DR A new Pew Research Center poll shows that only 39% of Canadians view the United States favourably.

The new agreement is on American president Donald Trump's terms. Canada capitualted on several critical issues. How, exactly, those issues will affect Canadian domestic politics and U.S.-Canada relations remains to be seen.

But despite the announcement of a new economic agreement, Canadians are less than enthused about their southern neighbour, according to a new Pew Research Center poll.

The Pew release shows that only 39% of Canadians view the United States at all favourably.

That's an all-time low.

Even fewer Canadians – 25% – have any confidence in Donald Trump, himself.

Unfortunately, those numbers are not poised to improve.

With the legalization of recreational marijuana just around the corner in Canada, its spats with the United States will likely only become more frequent.

The U.S. federal government remains vehement in its rejection of cannabis. 

The disagreement will probably play out most intensly at the U.S.-Canada border, the longest in the world, where some Canadians with associations to marijuana have already received lifetime bans from entering the United States.

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This poll data will also likely affect Canadian domestic politics. The Trudeau government is sure look at this information as a political and rhetorical guide as Canada heads into a federal election year.

Once the closest of allies, the United States and Canada appear more distant than ever.

Read the poll summary here.


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