Oh, Justin - it appears that times up on your shenanigans! 

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has hit an all new low with the Canadian population. 

The recent venture over to India has caused more problems for the PM than it has achieved anything big. 

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Lots of people are talking about Canada's new peacekeeping mission to Mali, but many people are giving the point of this a second thought, and it all comes back to the laughable journey to India. 

A new poll has been released this week, and the results are not great. 

Justin Trudeau's disapproval rating across Canada has jumped above the 50% mark for the first time, ever, since the 2015 election. 

Via Angus Reid Institute

The latest survey, done by The Angus Reid Institute was released yesterday and found that Trudeau's recent trip to India has been a factor in the loss of approving citizens. The increasing worry over government spending isn't helping him, either. 

The approval rating gap between the Liberal and Conservative Parties is now so wide that the Conservatives feel that the Tories has a shot at winning a majority government at our next federal election.

If there was an election tomorrow, and thank goodness there isn't, 40% of those who were decided or leaning voters would back the Tories.

Via Angus Reid Institue

30% opted for the Liberal Party, and 19% gave their vote to Jagmeet Singh's NDP. 

The new poll shows a bad sign for Trudeau and the Liberal party. 51% want a change in government - which is an all-time high.

In fact, Justin Trudeau's approval rating is lower than Stephen Harper's was around the same time of his term in office. 

The Angus Reid Institute had to go all the way back to the 80's to find approval rating numbers as low as Trudeau's, and that was when Brian Mulroney was our PM in 1998.

Still, Brian Mulroney was voted in for a second term at the time of his low approval ratings, even if they did lose some seats. 

Via Angus Reid Institute

The Conservative Party is still lacking the support of the millennial age bracket, where 55% of millennials still voted in favour of Trudeau and the Liberal Party. 

The Angus Reid Institute surveyed Canadians between March 6-15 and spoke to 5,423 of people-kind. They factored in an error-margin of give or take 2%. 

Jean Chretien remains the only PM in recent memory who enjoyed a positive approval rating, with 54% of respondents approving of Chretien in 1996.

But hey, at least Trudeau is getting us our legal weed, right? 

You can read the full Angus Reid Institute report right here. 

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