Empire Company, the parent company to grocery stores like Sobeys, Safeway, Foodland, FreshCo and IGA, has just made a move to ban plastic bags in their groceries stores.

The Nova Scotia-based company has plans to introduce paper bags back into the mix, meaning we can all feel like an old-timey 50s housewife when we take home our groceries... while also feeling like a badass, contributing civilian, joining in the fight against a sea of plastic.

This news and the positive reaction it has had from Canadians shows that we are, as a nation, ready to start making big, drastic moves towards a cleaner, greener future.

When I was in university in Halifax, I regularly shopped at the 1st grocery store in Atlantic Canada to ban plastic bags entirely. 

None of that "you have to pay 5 cents" stuff, because we all know no one cares about a nickel. Nope, they would literally make you buy a reusable bag if you didn't bring one.

And while many people might be annoyed by that... I think most Canadians are ready to say: Too bad.

The poll above shows that more than half the population of Canada at least "somewhat" agrees that we have to start sucking it up when it comes to fixing the state of the environment. 

First in our own communities, our own grocery stores... and then in our country as a whole, and eventually on a global scale. (Greta Thunberg anyone?)

In addition to believing that we have a moral duty that goes past personal financials, at least 60% of Canadians believe the entire economy may well have to suffer in order to make these kinds of changes - and they're at least somewhat okay with that.

Because this issue is bigger than the economy. The economy will cease to exist if we don't right our wrongs before it's too late.

These polls make it clear that Canadians are ready to act and are ready for the government to act.

Soon we will be seeing far fewer plastic bags floating around Montreal. And even better... you'll have less of them piling up in that shameful spot where you stow them away because you're too ashamed to throw them out but you can never remember to actually reuse them.

But... they might not have such an easy time convincing the Albertans. 

Because apparently, 37.3% of Albertans disagree with the statement, "Scientific evident clearly shows climate change is real and caused by human activity." 🤦‍♀️

But that's a stat for another day...

Today, we celebrate the loosening of the grip plastic has on our lives.

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