This week, Reddit users have gone off about including Dental work in universal Canadian healthcare - and the opinions being voiced make a ton of sense. 

"I never quite understood how something as essential as our mouths have been kept out of our Universal healthcare act for as long as it has. It's kinda ridiculous. Anyone else think the same? Think it'll ever be added as an essential piece of health care?"

This statement speaks volumes to me, and just makes a lot of sense. 

As Canadians, we are so very lucky to enjoy universal health care and are often noted around the globe for this public service - which should be universal in many other countries. 

Major dental work should be covered by our universal care coverage - this seems like a no-brainer. 

The average costs of routine and mandatory dental work is extremely high, and this leaves many Canadians left to fend for themselves or rely on benefit packages from their chosen careers - which still doesn't keep you covered entirely or is unachievable for a hefty percentage of the population. 

Follow the link to the Reddit thread for more on this subject, but be prepared - the conversation and opinions are staggering!  

This meme I've seen numerous times spoke to me on this issue. 

Via Dean Ferguson

I am so proud of Canada and the work being done to help welcome refugees to our incredible nation.

If we are able to provide these services to newcomers, why not to those Canadian families, as well? Not everyone has the luxury to afford this type of health care.

This is not the pro-health mentality our country is known for. 

This Reddit user works in the dental industry, and their opinions seem to hit the subject right on the head. 

What do you think, Montreal? Should Canada work to include universal dental coverage under our health care system?

Let us know and join the conversation!

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