Andrew Bennett, Canada's ambassador for religious freedoms, got the PQ's Charter of Values thrown in his face while trying to discuss human rights policies in Turkey, a country where the persecution of religious minorities is a serious issue.

When Bennet tried to facilitate a conversation regarding bettering the treatment of Christian, Jewish, and Alevi groups in Turkey, Turkish officials promptly pointed out the Charter of Values, which (if put in place) explicitly infringes on Quebec citizens' freedom of religious expression.

Bennett didn't have a comeback.

Basically the thing boils down to "Why can you guys do this and we can't," even though the political and cultural setting are extremely different. Even if the CoV is enforced, no one in Canada will be imprisoned or tortured for their beliefs. The same can't be said overseas.

Bennett did also point out that this is the first time another nation has ever used the CoV as a defense. Still, the CoV is obviously changing the perception of Canada on an international level, and not for the better.

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