We all know the struggle of waking up in the morning, making your way to school or work, and finding that your route now has now been impeded by a brand new construction site. After a few days, or maybe even weeks of having to deal with it, you really start to feel like you'll never be free from construction. It leaves you questioning whether they're actually doing any construction or if it's just an experiment to see how long it'll take you to lose it.

Well, now the city of Montreal is making an attempt to be a little more transparent when it comes to their major construction projects. Every week they'll be uploading a new chart on their website outlining all of the ongoing projects, with details of each one, including start date, end date, and how much it costs.

It's even colour coded: red means completion is delated, yellow means there are minor issues, and green means they're on time. The city also said they'll keep better tabs on contractors to make sure the work is actually being done. So far the only project that's in red is the Peel Street construction, which many Montrealers are already acutely aware of the delays on.

Check out the full construction charts here:


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