A video, which was taken about a month ago, went viral for showing motorcyclists in Quebec performing some dangerous maneuvers and attempting to evade the cops.

The video gathered almost 500 thousand views and almost 1.5 thousand comments. We reported on the video when it first came out.

When we spoke to the Sûreté du Québec last month, a spokesperson told us that many people had reported the video since it was first posted online. The video had been sent to the appropriate unit, but no other information was available.

The pair were only recently caught by police.

The original video shows the pair of motorcyclists doing wheelies down the highways. Moments later, you can see a police car in hot pursuit.

The pair think that they evaded the cops, quickly exiting the highway at the last minute and barely avoiding other cyclists as they merge.

However, the determined cop won't let this slide: he uses the hard shoulder to veer onto the exit and pursues the two. The video, which you can watch below, ends there, leaving the resolution of the story unclear.

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As it turns out, the cop was unable to catch the pair of motorcyclists on that day. However, according to CJAD, the pair were finally identified thanks to the dashcam above.

The motorcyclists were revealed to be 23 and 24 years old. As a result of their reckless driving, they had their bikes, helmets and other items seized by police.

Furthermore, they received a total of $1,541 in fines and each got four demerit points. They may also face two criminal charges: for dangerous driving and fleeing from a police officer.

Read our original article here. Read the CJAD report hereSaty tuned for more information!


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