Canadians typically enjoy the reputation of being nice, but like all stereotypes, they aren't always true. 

Some Canadians are mean, some are racist, some are straight-up crazy, and some are "all of the above". 

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Which is the case of this next man who clearly needs to be put behind bars after he attacked a family with a baseball bat. 

"This happened in Ontario. A Colombian family was mistaken for Muslims and attacked with a baseball bat.
They are not Muslims but the attacker thought they were because the father, Sergio Estepa, has a beard and he heard them speaking a foreign language.
Sergio Estepa suffered a cracked rib and large bruises when he stepped in front of his 13 year old son to protect him. He said "He called me a terrorist, that I'm ISIS, I don't know, maybe because of my beard. At some point he started to charge my son, and I went in front."

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