2018 has been a pretty interesting year for Canadians. With cannabis becoming legal only a few months ago, we've seen a shift in how police are handling the newly legalized substance and the brand new laws that have followed it. Among these new regulations are some pretty severe new driving laws.

Although you might have thought you were up-to-date with what's legal and what isn't, you won't be for long.

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TL;DR This week, Canada will be introducing brand new laws on impaired driving, now including more severe penalties for both drunk and high drivers. Police will also be able to demand a breathalyzer test even when there's no sign of impairment.

That's right, the entire country is about to implement updated impaired driving laws that might affect everyone. The laws, which are made official this week, will change not only what officers can ask from you but also potential criminal charges.

Now that police not only have to lookout for drunk drivers, but also high drivers, the laws will now accomodate cannabis users. The most controversial update to Canadian law is that police will now be able to demand a breathalyzer test even if you show absolutely no signs of impairment.

Lawyers across the country are protesting this law, considering it a violation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. You can see how it would be problematic though, as anyone who is driving (even at the proper speed limit and obeying all road laws) can suddenly be pulled over by officers and forced into a breathalyzer test.

Not only can this be traumatizing for anyone who is abiding the law, but it can also make you unnecessarily late for the rest of your day.

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On top of this, the new laws will raise the financial penalties for drivers under the influence, with the potential for completely new "hybrid" charges that would apply to anyone driving both drunk and high.

What do you think about the country's brand new impairment laws? Let us know!


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