Just one look at our coming month's weather forecast and all your springtime hopes are abolished. 

I mean, if snow is not your thing then it probably looks and feels like the end of the world out there. Not to mention all the tragic Montreal news circulating the media at this time. 

Well, in case you're fearing for the future or preparing to lock yourselves indoors, you may want to take a quick trip to Costco for some doomsday preparation kits! 

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Costco Canada is officially selling an Emergency Preparation Kit... but it'll cost you. Though, is there really a price on safety during an apocalypse? 

Via Costco Canada

They've got a bunch of different kits available, but the best one will run you $6,499.99! 

You may want to stop by your local hunting or surplus shops too, though - seeing as there is absolutely nothing to help you in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

This could also work if you're just lazy and have no lust for life - cause I'm sure the food is awful. But hey, to each is own, I guess. 

Swing and a miss, if you ask me. 

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