We announced last week that Côte-Vertu would be closed for 11 weeks starting summer 2020, as they build an underground garage for the buses that use the station as a terminal.

Now, the STM has announced that there were will be closures this year in preparation for the longer closure next summer. There will be three weekends that Côte-Vertu will be completely closed to the public in March and April.

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TL;DR In addition to the 11-week closure we can expect in 2020, Côte-Vertu will also be closed for three upcoming weekends in preparation for the more extensive work to come. Details below.

The STM site explains that because of the construction work they have planned on the underground garage at Côte-Vertu, they have prepatory work to do as well.

Namely, electrical cabling between Côte-Vertu and "the worksite located on the tail tracks." (I'm wondering if this was a typo for "rail tracks"? I'm not an electrical engineer, though.)

In order to replace the electrical cabling, the STM will need to close the station for three weekends this month and next month.

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The weekends are:

  • Saturday and Sunday, March 30 and 31
  • Saturday and Sunday, April 6 and 7 (possible closure)
  • Saturday and Sunday, April 13 and 14

They are also warning that if things don't go as planned or "if the work is more complex than expected, the station will have to be closed for an additional weekend," which would be the April 6 & 7 weekend listed above as a "possible closure."

The site notes that they will know whether or not the April 6 & 7 weekend will face closure on April 1st, after the first weekend of work.

As we explained in the previous article announcing this closure, the STM is suggesting alternative routes for people who regularly rely on the Côte-Vertu transit hub.

To find all about the shuttle services being offerred and suggested alternative routes, scroll down to see "The shuttle service" on this STM info page.

The work is being done to achieve for objectives, listed on the STM site:

1. To increase passenger capacity by adding more trains on the Orange line and  to improve the frequency of service during peak periods

2. Add parking spaces for trains

3. Support the expected growth in ridership in the coming years

4. Ensure that the offer of service expands to keep pace with the Blue line’s forthcoming extension.


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