Montreal is home to some of the craziest driving in the country. No wonder the only place you're not allowed to turn right on a red is on the island of Montreal. The police thought that this would spare us a few accidents, and they thought right. 

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Via Samira Moustamid

A recent accident which occurred on March 24th right on the corner of the busy intersection of Cotes-Des-Neiges and Queen Mary, two cars seems to have ended right on top of each other. As if they were placed there on purpose. 

This accident really has all Montrealers scratching their heads thinking "Well, how the F did this happen" 

As firefighters and policeman arrived at the scene, i'm sure they were asking themselves the same question. It seems like despite the fact that this week's weather has shows only but clear sunny skies, Montrealers STILL have a difficult time maneuvering their cars down the road like civilized city dwellers. 

Via Samira Moustamid

Let's hope that with the warm spring air coming into town, this will be some of the last car accidents that we see around the city.  However, although I am an optimist, there are some things that are truly difficult to stay optimistic about, and Montreal driving and road conditions is just one of them. 

Via Samira Moustamid

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