No, this isn't a joke and it I didn't photoshop a bunch of extra construction signs to make to make the map look busier.

This is actually the map showing every construction site in Montreal.

Nearly 200 in total. 

It's completely insane. Just look at that clusterf*ck near Ville-Marie, the signs are literally overlapping each other.

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But what's truly frustrating is the fact that this map has barely changed at all in the last three years. It just never ends. .

I think Montreal even deserves a new slogan:

"Montreal - I can't wait until they finish it"

Can you imagine how much money you'd make if you manufactured orange cones for a living?

Photo cred - ville.montreal

If you still don't believe this is real, here's the original link.

But don't check it all at once. Last year so many people visited the page at the same time that the site actually crashed and ironically a message popped up about the site being under maintenance, or under "construction", so to speak.

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