Well, we're finally getting the "white" Christmas we were all hoping for, except this one is just a few weeks later than anticipated. Now that it's here we all would appreciate a little less snow, ice, and bitter cold. Unfortunately, we're in for the exact opposite of that.

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TL;DR Montreal's weekend is expected to hit temperatures as cold as -30°C, which exceeds to point where frostbite occurs. A winter storm begins in the city today with over 20+cm of snowfall, with the freezing temperatures beginning this Friday. More details below.

Montreal is about to get as cold as Siberia with the coldest temperatures the city has seen all winter. Needless to say, you're going to want to prepare for an entire weekend spent indoors next to your heater.

A super cold and icy winter storm will be entering the city today, with heavy snowfall expected that will amount to 20+cm. That's not even the worst of it though, as Friday will be will be the start to bitterly cold -30°C temperatures all weekend long.

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When it reaches that kind of cold outside, it's an unspoken rule that no one will be leaving the safety of their house unless entirely necessary. Even if you do go outside, you'll want to arrange for transportation other than walking.

Once temperatures feel like -28 or colder, exposed skin can freeze in under 30 minutes, add in some wind chill and you can be suffering from frostbite in about 10 minutes this weekend. Seriously, your safety over the next few days will solely rely on your access to indoors and a heater, your proper winter outerwear, and your ability to stay indoors entirely over the next few days.

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Unfortunately the weather after the weekend doesn't get much better, with temperatures reaching -20°C on Monday. We can only hope that this sudden freezing weather means summer will be even more enjoyable.

Stayed tuned for more breaking news on Montreal's dangerous weather.

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