Caterpillars are nice and cute, right? Maybe, but not when they're infesting your homes. Tent caterpillars are native to Canada and come spring time they are going to be hatching and getting into our homes. 

They've been super common in Ontario and Quebec since the 1930s. But they're popping up all over Canada. Outbreaks are periodic, and also extremely in-sync between northwestern Ontario, eastern Ontario/western Quebec and southeastern Quebec.

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Residents of Saskatoon are actually really scared.  They've even been described as having "near-biblical" swarms invading their homes. There were tens of thousands of caterpillars! No thank you. 

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Outbreaks are common in every province. And they're super bad for our trees. Historically, aspen, oak, maple, aspen, and white birch trees have experienced massive defoliation. 

They're not only bad for our homes, but they're bad for our nature. In 2009, 150,000 hectares of land was defoliated.

Thankfully, birds and rodents are naturally infestation controllers. But, if that doesn't work, you can always follow the steps of Saskatoon resident Tammi Hanowski and use a vacuum. 


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