Tim Hortons has not had a good year.

First, the once-favourite coffee and donut chain suffered a humilating plummet in a national reputation ranking.

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Soon after, social media erupted in criticism for some of Tim Hortons latest novelty items.

Then, last week, the company seized four franchises from an owner who spoke out about the company and violated his contractual agreement.

But the worst news has come today.

According to CTV News and Environmental Defense Canada, traces of a weed-killing substance has been found in Tim Hortons chocolate Timbits. 

Researchers also found the compound in Kraft dinner and Oreos.

Glyphosate is an ingredient in herbicide that can sometimes make its way into food items. 

Consumed in large quantities, it can cause cancer in the human body.

Tim Hortons maintains that the levels in its food items are low enough to not cause serious harm.

But still, who wants to consume any carcinogenic chemicals?

Since Tim Hortons' initial response, the report from Environmental Defense Canada has spread rapidly on social media.

The fast-food chain has yet to issue any additional statements.

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This is maybe the biggest hit yet to Tim Hortons' reputation. The company has been desperately trying to repair its reputation with Canadian consumers.

But this will definitely set those efforts back.



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