You may have already heard of the chronic wasting disease (CWD) that was found in farmed deer in Quebec last year. The disease, which fatally attacks the nervous system of deer, elk and moose has since spread to both free-ranging and farmed animals across the U.S. and Canada. 

Known popularly as the "zombie deer disease" it has been confirmed in three Canadian provinces so far. In 2018 the disease was discovered by the CFIA in six deer or elk herds — four cases were found in Saskatchewan and one case in both Quebec and Alberta. Although there has been no record of humans contracting the disease yet, "zombie deer disease" has been proven to transfer to primates. The CFIA says there is currently no treatment or vaccine available for chronic wasting disease.

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TL;DR The CFIA has confirmed deer, elk and/or moose in Quebec, Saskatchewan and Alberta have chronic wasting disease, also known as "zombie deer disease." The disease is not treatable and there are no cases of it transferring to humans. Twitter reactions are below.

Symptoms of CWD include depression, weight loss, difficulty swallowing, excess salivation, lack of coordination, paralysis and more. Aurthorities are advising that even though the disease has not yet been proven to spread to humans, no part of an infected animal should be eaten or used.

The CFIA also recommends that hunters use increased caution when handling game, and should have animals tested before using any of the meat or body parts.

Since no one seems exactly sure if (or when) chronic wasting disease could begin infecting humans, Twitter users across the country have begun to panic:

These reactions are either jokes or hilariously misinformed.

There are also a few people who aren't that convinced that chronic wasting disease is a threat to humans:

Others are preparing for the zombie apocalypse...

Again, chronic wasting disease has not yet been confirmed in humans. Stay tuned for updates and more information.

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